CanaDream v 2.8.1

Coast to Coast map 2.6 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

Relesase Note:
– made compatible with ATS 1.33
– updated a traffic rule for the two and one lane roads to have less dense traffic

Decided to try and add a border crossing from the 401 in Canada to Detroit

ManiaX, Long Haul Gamer


12 thoughts on “CanaDream v 2.8.1

  1. First try, Kamloops IMPOSSIBLE to get to the Garage to buy, the game crashes reaching the avenus where the garage is located… I Hope I won’t have too many bad surprises…

    1. Hello Serena! Is fake version, not updated! Visit official post in SCS Forum! ;-)

      1. Ok ok Thank you BigJhon

        1. I help with pleasure, as modder and mapper! ;-)

  2. Correction : Avenue*

  3. Pat aka LHG ! Stop trying to wreck this map mod for the rest of us. ManiaX has NOT updated his map on the SCS forum board page.

    1. have you had the same problem with serena in the 2.7 version by maniax ?

  4. Stop using this server…!!!

  5. Fake uploader & stolen map!

  6. Boss Lady


  7. Williams Lake,BC.Wish Williams Lake had some log jobs,Best Log Home Builder there.Even better would be the drop off points to a plot where a log home is being built.

  8. Anyone else have crashes pertaining to Canadream map?? Or C2C map,since the update to 1.35??????

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