FS19 mods

CanaDream v 2.8.1

Date 2019-02-04 16:51

Coast to Coast map 2.6 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

Relesase Note:
– made compatible with ATS 1.33
– updated a traffic rule for the two and one lane roads to have less dense traffic

Decided to try and add a border crossing from the 401 in Canada to Detroit

ManiaX, Long Haul Gamer


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12 Responses to CanaDream v 2.8.1

  1. First try, Kamloops IMPOSSIBLE to get to the Garage to buy, the game crashes reaching the avenus where the garage is located… I Hope I won’t have too many bad surprises…

  2. Correction : Avenue*

  3. Pat aka LHG ! Stop trying to wreck this map mod for the rest of us. ManiaX has NOT updated his map on the SCS forum board page. https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=194&t=205149

  4. Mistraou

    Stop using this server…!!!

  5. BigJhon

    Fake uploader & stolen map!

  6. Boss Lady


  7. Williams Lake,BC.Wish Williams Lake had some log jobs,Best Log Home Builder there.Even better would be the drop off points to a plot where a log home is being built.

  8. Anyone else have crashes pertaining to Canadream map?? Or C2C map,since the update to 1.35??????

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