4 thoughts on “ATMX Map Addon Alpha 0.1

  1. scarlatta

    compatible with other maps?

    1. According to the description, this addition would be accessible from the city Eureka! So, probably compatible with the map core! But I will test this on my combo of 11 maps together to verify that it does not crush any part! ;-)

      1. scarlatta

        thankss men

        1. Hi! I’ll give my opinion on this portion of the map!
          In the current state, I do not advise its acquisition! Even if the mod is clean and does not crush any other map, it remains provided with a basic creation! A very long highway, passing over 3 big bridges, starting from Eureka, with a company at the beginning, a petrol station in the middle, and leading to a little worked town provided of some companies to deliver, all in full ocean!
          After, everyone is free to download this file and make his own opinion!
          For my part, this map will not be part of my combo!

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