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CanaDream v 2.2.1

Date 2017-04-17 19:28

Coast 2 Coast 2.0.2 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-CanaDream 2.2.1
2-Coast 2 Coast 2.0.2

*fix petro-canada fuel station in US part
*reduce mountain on highway 5 B.C.
*fix bugs



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24 Responses to CanaDream v 2.2.1

  1. Pegasus

    I just tried to download this and I just get a blank page.

  2. Ralloh

    Coast to Coast v. 2.0.2? The newest I can find is 2.0.1. Am I missing something?

  3. David A King

    File not found

  4. Worked fine for me, thanks ManiaX!!

  5. cristiannarcis79

    This map and also C2C are very poor maps and very empty, cities look good, but when we talk about the roads that unite the cities, they are too empty, poor, without rivers, without bridges, without rocks, without agriculture, without Parking spaces. Someone who speaks with these creators who must improve these roads, are too poor and empty between cities :(

    • DagelijksGamer

      I’m pretty sure the initial plan was to connect the west with the east coast via one highway.(I80 IIRC) and then expand to other states and have all the big cities on the map. That’s accomplished, so now smaller cities and more detail will follow.

    • RITrucker

      Look how long it takes SCS to release ONE state DLC. Do you really think that the creators can put that much detail into a Coast to Coast or International map quickly? We would be waiting for months if not years to have the detail you seem to long for. Be thankful we have modders who make maps like these so we can drive more miles and do longer trips than what the bast SCS game allows.

  6. Vancouver – Kamloops wrong!!

  7. Vancouver – Kamloops wrong!! Invisible wall!!!!

  8. chop1543


  9. chop1543

    I MEAN 2.0.2

    • WiredrawnMurder

      If you have a GPS or another map mod other than an add-on for C2C disable it. I had the same issue til I found out my GPS “retexture” changed the entire layout of the road map and made Canada unreachable.

  10. WiredrawnMurder

    This is a pretty great add-on, though there are some inconsistencies. Like how this map has you go through what would be Sarnia to get into Canada from Detroit and take the 402 to reach the 401, when most truck traffic enters Canada through Windsor (I’d know, used to live there) which is a far more direct route as the 401’s west end starts there.

  11. dakota


  12. Chris

    Just a tiny fix suggestion: the highway signs in Québec say “Trois-riviere” instead of “Trois-Rivières”.

    Thanks for the work!

  13. David Orahood

    crash after crash when new patch

  14. steve helvitson

    can you add the north again please

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