BWS Specialized Nuclear Waste Trailer v 1.0 [1.32.x]

This is a re-release of Quattrophobia’s BWS Specialized Nuclear Waste trailer, but working with the 1.32 cargo market, and updated by Chief86 to have cables. It is not ownable, and most likely will never be updated to be ownable.

This has the same ADR 6 requirement that the original had.

A word of note:
The empty trailer pays like any normal trailer.
The trailer carrying the nuclear container pays handsomely.

Trailer Model & Nuclear Flask: Bansheewoj


5 thoughts on “BWS Specialized Nuclear Waste Trailer v 1.0 [1.32.x]

  1. Does the Special Cargo dlc need it? Because it does not appear in the cargoes, only in the vehicle browser.

  2. I hope it pays some really good money to pull it. Where would you pick it up and deliver it too? Walgreens and Wal-Mart? LOL

    SCS needs to add “Specialized” places to load and unload all Hazmat products…. and pay a lot more to haul them. Same for the pay scale for all petroleum products… that are Hazmat and need placards.

  3. REVIEW updated ver:

  4. LOL.. I saw it. I was just trying to get you to tell us more about it. ;)
    What is the ADR 6 requirement?

  5. Well, as for Hazmat paying a lot more …. it must depend on the country. In the USA, Hazmat does not make enough difference in pay to even stick a nose up at. Even for the most dangerous loads, you MIGHT get another 1 or 2 cents per mile for Hazmat pay. Source: Myself telling off recruiters who stumble over the subject when in an interview. Anyway, this trailer is awesome when converted to ownable. It makes a sweet edition to the garage fleet :) Many thanks to the author for making this. :)

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