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Tremcar Milk Tanker v 1.1 for ATS 1.32.x

Date 2018-11-12 16:56

Version 1.1:
= Added Trailer Cables
= Adapted for ATS 1.32.x Game Versions

Convert: MadoYaghi
Model: Corby, RBR-DUK, Jon,Wendi, James60470
Fix: Solaris36


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5 Responses to Tremcar Milk Tanker v 1.1 for ATS 1.32.x


    clicks never ends even disabling the adblocks. force to accept cookies and circles and circles of clicks that never ends.

    it is my last time I try download something that is from this kind of hosts. I can live with that. >>>>>;-(

    why do not use sharemods?

  2. Once converted to ownable, this immediately became a part of my fleet. Great trailer. Awesome to have a milk bulk option in the garage :)

  3. Kelly

    Agreed, Mods.to is garbage, endless links to adware etc

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