Bus Pack

Scania-G7-1200-4x2 Irizar-PB Busscar-Elegance Irizar-New-Century MB-Multego Volvo-9700-Grand-L-and-S Volvo-9700-TX

8 Bus for ATS
* Scania G7 1200 4×2
* Irizar PB
* Busscar Elegance
* Irizar New Century
* MB Multego
* Volvo 9700 Grand L and S
* Volvo 9700 TX
* Volvo 9700 L and S

Only places the bus in the mod folder of the game enable you mod and go to the dealer
Tested 1.17, 1.1x

Author: scsgamer

DOWNLOAD 73 MB Scania G7 1200 4×2
DOWNLOAD 246 MB Busscar Elegance
DOWNLOAD 53 MB Irizar New Century
DOWNLOAD 61 MB Volvo 9700 Grand L and S
DOWNLOAD 176 MB Volvo 9700 TX
DOWNLOAD 211 MB Volvo 9700 L and S

18 thoughts on “Bus Pack

  1. Tested 1.17, 1.1x ATS???

    1. Somebody was time traveling.

  2. Authors of bus ???

  3. Edy_Godines2498

    Hello … these pictures are mine, adaptations of buses is mine and I find it unfair that they remove my download links and resuban to sharedmods I hope they fix the download links and give me the credit I meresco me as the conversion of ETS2 to ats cost me too.

    1. I am really sorry they stole your stuff. I must say it pisses me off when other people steal mods without given credit.

      1. Godines is a rat, everyone knows that, I don’t know what he complains…

    2. RAT. Credits by Mago for all buses

  4. hey dude i have realy wanted a doubble trailor for ats with the 2nd trailor piviting. You r a very good mod maker and i would love you to make this mod. if your going to make 1 please email me as i have some plans.

    CHEERS :D nice mod

  5. Hey,+nice+mods,+but+its+not+really+a+bus+back…+a+pack+is+1+Download,+not+7+different+ones,+So+you+would+be+better+off+just+uploading+these+buses+in+seprate+mod+than+all+together.

  6. JCR Gaming

    What dealership and where can I find the Irizar new century at?

    1. I am in the same problem…..

  7. Brandon Hairston

    Hey what do you use to create this mod how do you do it

  8. I would love it If there were American Models too you know MegaBus,GreyHound Etc

  9. Where is the sound of the Irizar PB this bus doen’t have sounds.

  10. I agree. We should see other companies that are actually in the US like MCI, Mega Bus, Grumman and some others. And repaints like Greyhound and Mega Bus.

  11. Hello, i just downloaded one of the busses (scania g7) and noticed that all of my trucks and other vehicles have very tiny mirrors. could you tell me or explain to me how this happens and how i can fix this because now i cant even look in my mirrors

  12. palecam

  13. JoseCarlo


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