Black n Gold Custom skin for W900


Here is the Black and Gold Custom skin for the Kenworth W900

More skin available to download for free on my website

Facebook link on website.



6 thoughts on “Black n Gold Custom skin for W900

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Nice work Pauly taht You took my skin from ETS2

    So beofer Upu acuse me for a skin wich i kept stricktly privstr You’re going a stepfurther!

    Great worl my frend (NOT) great work, i will let evry one know who is the biggest

    Do i need to say more? I guess not……….

    By the way nice website You and Your lovely friends have!

  2. how did you get those stacks?

  3. It’s the 007 Skin Kenworth made it first ;)

    Freddy Jimmink

    Have you compared them side by side ?

  4. First off Jimmy download an take a look mine was done yesterday from scratch,i would never take anyone else’s work,unlike yourself who tried to pass one of mine off as your own and make a profit from it,so feel free to take a look,also i gathered you probably had your grubby little maulers on some of my other skins my website is there for everyone an no doubt you have probably already took some of my skins off there and tried to pass them off as your own.
    But like i told you before freddy i honestly dont care what you say anymore or do crawl back under the rock you came from and stay there this community doesnt need people like you in it.

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    You mean they don’t need big mouthed disrespectfull people like You in it

    I never stole Your skin and with this i will proof that skins can be simular, but Your retarded brains will not accept that!

    That lousy website of Yours doesn’t give me any need to pick some skins, if i make a skin, i make it from scratch! There are skins i made already before You did but never showed. Also that i never will download a skin of Yours, there You have a point, i am a quit good skinner and i don’t need Yours!

    And what You will say about me, don’t hurt me! People who regognise quality know where to find me!

    It is so sad what You did with Mr Heavy Alex to let me ban or You stop donations. If You work that way (and You do), You’re worse than sh*t! and that You try to thetten Mutual friends is also the lowest of the lowest You can do You little pathetic dicky!

    Thanks MonsterMinds for waht You have written and i will repeat:

    It’s the 007 Skin Kenworth made it first ;)

    Freddy Jimmink

    1. RegularJohn53

      Does it matter who made it first? If I would make another one like this would you say I stole it from you?

      Every time I look at the comment section you’re crying like a little kid. But I know you’re just jealous, it’s okay. You should make a website too where you give away these skins of yours. If not, then stop crying and accept your defeat.

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