6 thoughts on “389 Skin Pack + Bonus (Unreleased)

  1. Also have to give a shout out to Viper2 for the template

    This is tested and compatible with Viper2 389 ver 1.12

  2. Code3response

    These skins are awesome I put them in the mod folder but, when I got into the shop they are not on the options for truck paint. I dont know how to use the skins…..all the other mods I have are active. I have this issue with all skins so it is something on my part I am not doing.

  3. Unzip them put them in the mod folder, start the game click Mods right side of Menu then put them in the game, confirm changes start game and enjoy

  4. for this Sin you will need to have Viper2’s 389 Version 1.12

  5. Very nice work monsterminds

  6. how do you make the skins active all at once, i have made a few and i cant seem to have them all in game together. any ideas?

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