Birds-Eye View Camera


A simple mod that makes the ‘third’ camera zoomed out more, like a ‘Birds-Eye view’.
Especially useful now with the longer trailers.

Original mod by MinecraftMarioGuy53 for ETS2, i just tested in ATS 1.0 and see its working fine.



Interesting videos

3 thoughts on “Birds-Eye View Camera

  1. If this mod works for ATS without editing, then why did you reupload the mod you thief? Pathetic people…

  2. Thief?! Of what? It was credited, whats the big deal?

    It would assume that the original modder actually uploads this to an ATS mods site, or this wouldn’t have visibility to a lot of people otherwise, until someone else inevitably creates the same mod. Considering someone else’s mod to do the same thing would be the same exact code, would that make them a “thief” as well??

  3. Just in case my post made this look like it, this isn’t my mod btw. Why is there no name on uploads?

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