Traffic-Signs-Pack – brand new traffic signs for ATS


This sign-asset mod includes 33 brand new traffic-signs assets into the game.
Perfectly for mappers who want to have more variety.

Please note:
– If you use this modification in your map, please give credit (DualCore).
– Only use the original download link listed, do not re-upload this mod!



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10 thoughts on “Traffic-Signs-Pack – brand new traffic signs for ATS

  1. Nice job DualCore, hope you will continue your work.

  2. In the USA stop signs dont say “PARE” they say “STOP”

    Also “YIELD” is not “ZEDA”

    Hope you understand. Thanks

  3. @Ledian
    Why should I include english stop and yield sign into the game when there are already in? Have you even driven in ATS? Stop and yield signs are everywhere.
    These are extra signs.

    Please think before you write.

  4. Nice set, wish the base game had speed limit change warning signs. The yield sign says YIELD and the stop sign says STOP.

  5. RequirePants

    Good sign Pack! i am using it right now :)

  6. @DualCore, could you send me a message? ( [email protected])

  7. Rob Viguurs

    Hey Dualcore, please contact me [email protected].
    I got some amazing offroad models but i don’t get them imported in ATS. and those models are really good and fun to drive on.


    246 Studios and map Artist Rob Viguurs

  8. Does it replace the normal stop sign?

  9. Then why are they in the pack if they are already in game? Just include ones that arnt. Think before you write.

    1. Do you pretend to be ###### or are you really?
      All signs included are NOT in the game. Show me one sign of my pack that is already in the game.
      I won’t argue with you, you seem to have the intelligence of an ant.

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