8 thoughts on “Baobab trailer v1.6

  1. martin paris

    hi, i thought it would be nice to have the boabab tree back, but the file is wrong format, sii, plus you need password to even open the files. can you please remidy the situation

  2. password please?

  3. Digital X

    You just drop the zip file into your Mod folder, then activate in Mod Manager as normal, I had no password requested at all.

  4. tijdreiziger54

    Should be nice and useful if you give the password!

    1. Just put the .zip file in the mod folder, and activate the mod in the game

    2. Alizay Te Amo

      thats what i was thinking!

  5. 120 тонн Оху*еть просто гы

  6. Stephen Butler

    I have a small issue with this trailer in that it constantly bounces up and down from the moment I arrive to collect it. I can connect to the trailer but not drive anywhere. Any ideas? Suggestions (polite ones, please)? Cheers!

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