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20′ Container Trailer

Date 2017-05-05 09:25

This is Sib3rius’ 20′ container trailer with the skins fully working with ATS v1.6. Credit goes to Charles (me) for getting them to work. Sib3rius himself was very excited that I took this project on.

The mod has 17 skins and a two axle trailer as well as a three axle long neck trailer

(See the Facebook post on American Mods Nation https://www.facebook.com/groups/americanmodsnation/permalink/1330035203753723/ )

Sib3rius, Daniel (for getting the skins working)


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  1. I fixed the cargo system on this mod, so I reuploaded it: http://sharemods.com/nnodx2sd54lt/Cargo_Sib3rius_20__Container.scs.html


  2. Video with this amazing trailer:


  3. Aviva

    Link doesn’t work anymore. Can you upload a new one?

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