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Aussie B-Triple Trailer

Date 2017-06-14 15:53

Australian B Triple. 2 A Trailers 1 B Trailer

Someone from FB, RTA


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  1. Freddy Jimmink

    New project Sn4k3r?

  2. james

    the triple trailers are set too heavy for the stock trucks to adequately pull them without either loosing traction to go up hills on freeways where they stall out due to no traction even in 1st gear with a 730 engine.
    In order to be able to use them there needs to be a super heavy truck chassis especially designed for greater traction. Going around corners the truck units are causing to skid and crash, because the trailers push so excessively,then when sent to garage for restart the have no room to sit on the garage spot without being hurtled into the air for 100% damage and you have to start with a reload all over again. They will work but need a further look at use in ATS. The doubles are better to work with so far.

    • rocker12341234

      lol mate thats because here in aus we have real trucks and the trucks that pull those types of trailers have 1000hp+ so of course the weak a** vanilla trucks arent gonna haul it.

  3. rik

    donwload link not working!!!!

  4. kennyk108

    freddy this isn’t Sn4k3rs mod this is a leaked mod by rta like the b-double trailers

  5. Scott187

    I have the paid rta mod and was pulling with a 605hp k200 and was fine

  6. Works fine for me. Just use a truck that is meant for heavy haul.

  7. john

    these trailers only work in 1.6.2 and up, second of all if you download any truck (provided its not password protected same with trailer) you can edit the the truck in the chassis file and to make it handle the loads turning even at 100 kph without it loosing control but if you do make sure you edit the trucks engine’s torque to give it more power..ie if engine torque is only around the 3000 mark then you have to increase the number from 3000 to 5000.

  8. Freddy Jimmink

    Kenny K,

    If You say this than Sn4k3r’s version of the B Double is also illegal………….

  9. Forester

    Can you make a double small box trailer like the ones FedEx uses?

  10. The only thing illegal is charging money without licensing. ~shrug~ Yeah I am okay with DLing these here.

  11. VIdeo with this amazing trailer mod:


  12. Brandon Wang

    download link not working

  13. eleazar

    es depana

  14. Sam

    hey your link is’nt there anymore can you please upload again

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