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B-Triple Trailer

Date 2017-06-14 15:48

B-triple Trailer for ATS v1.6
work fine and you Need good Truck with big Power

have fun
Author: scs, franck_peru

scs, franck_peru


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  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Blog from Frank_Peru


  2. Zach

    I for one would love to drive this trailer, however the file is corrupt. You can’t open the file no matter what. Please fix!

  3. james

    Great additional sound and trailers by frank. Thank you Freddy

  4. _Classic_

    It’s an “A” triple trailer, which is a big difference.

  5. franck_peru I fix the weight probelms even with 8250hp egine coulnd’nt pull up a hill is ok to reupload

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