ATS Kenworth w900a custom


Rta kenworth w900a. Converted and customized by amtmodding. Please respect original link and credits with this model. Do not upload to other sources without consent of amtmodding. Thank you and enjoy.

Chris aka Bayonet, evh5150vanhalen, rockhobbit99, Corby (headache rack). Colonel, SilveradoHD, Stas556, dmitry68, Kriechbaum, Stels amt modding


13 thoughts on “ATS Kenworth w900a custom

  1. ChromeShop

    great,great,great old school engine sounds with this mod. You can tell this is no garbage port over from ets2 just to get hits. Great job. Works awesome in game. If I had a con it would be for more accessories like chassis options. Either way epic mod!!!!

  2. Bl@ckWolf

    Video American Truck Simulator ( ATS Kenworth w900a custom Mod )

  3. Cummins N14 sound from Kriechbaum

    1. I don’t know where you saw Cummins engine in the engines inventories !!

  4. awsome job guy

  5. that1guy815

    Where do I buy it I cant find it anywhere?!

  6. David A King

    I have been driving this truck fo a couple of loads including an oversize load and have one request for an update, and that is add a beacons spots and beacons.

  7. The new KW 900 clashes with this one now because all the files are named w900. Letting you know.

  8. Randy K Hudson

    Ever since the W 900 update, the mod has caused conflict when i went into any Kenworth dealer,
    This is easily one of my favorite truck mods, Any chance of updating it ?

  9. This crashes the game now when you browse the Kenworth dealer. Please Please fix it I love this truck so much. Everything is spot on especially the sound. Thanks for your work.

  10. Please update!!!! My favorite truck

  11. Like everybody said this truk is sooo awsome beautiful beastly custom hotrod…….but crashes game 10 ways in garage.but getit on the road and you wont regret it.By far the best rig ever .breaker breacker one nine you got yer ears on!!!!

  12. it is awesome and a beautiful beastly custom hotrod …. I was a little unhappy when I saw the fuel meters because
    the pointer in the fuel gauge does not run until the end.


    other trucks have red wheels

    I instalt on the front bumper guides but I did not see the inside through my window

    please fix this

    i loveeee this truck

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