Wester Star 5700 Optimus Prime Edit


Western Star 5700 Optimus Prime Edit from Brutal Invironment HD mod
Can not use with Freightliner Coronado
Dealer shop: Kenworth
Added 1000 HP Engine

Authors: TLES Games, Grinder


6 thoughts on “Wester Star 5700 Optimus Prime Edit

  1. good car

  2. good model but the sound is not very http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRDQWiklCOA

  3. You cant download it can you plz repost with a rar or zip Plz thank you looks awesome!!

  4. mustafakemalyı

    please freightliner cascada edit :( _

  5. mindset01

    is there a template for this id love to paint some

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