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ATMX Map 0.5 For ATS 1.34

Date 2019-03-23 21:33

ATMX Map Updated for ATS to 0.5, Requieres Mega Resources (C2C) to work.
Added 8 Villages, fix several bugs and make a connector with Viva Mexico Map.
Its a Fictional Map Mod, you can test accessing via Eureka, or if you were in Mexico Maps, Via Ferry Los Mochis/La Paz.
Check the Videotutorial for installation: (Solo, With Mexico, Canadream and C2C)

Link1: Map Pack
Link2: Mega Resources

Tio Alta Tension (ATMX)
Hugoces/Eblem/RaulMtz (Team Mexico Mega Resources)

Alta Tension MX


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  1. The game crashes. I do everything step by step as in the video, but she does not want to load. What could be the reason? Alta Tension MX how you include Mexico together with Canada and C2C? This does not happen to me.

  2. Walid Hamou Mouas


  3. bogdan

    hello, I do not want to read the record

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