All Trailers Pack v.1.0.1 by Bricklayer


1. Added 5 refrigerated semi-trailers
2. Added 5 semi-refrigerated 3000r.
3. Added 5 refrigerated semi-refrigerated 3000r
4. New skins 50 PCs (converted skins from GTS + new)

All detailed information about fashion in the file, all the pack trailers, V. 1.0.1.PDF


DOWNLOAD 66 MB [trailers]
DOWNLOAD 12.6 MB [pdf]

5 thoughts on “All Trailers Pack v.1.0.1 by Bricklayer

  1. Does this work in stable version or only beta ?

  2. Can you see all these trailers in USA ?

  3. Another stupit mod (european style)…

  4. I guess it is for all the home sick sim players of ETS2, for they have lost their way LOL

    1. And Having The DHL!

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