USA Trailers Pack V1.1



USA Trailers pack v1.1 by David Corley, Solaris36 & Stewowe.

V1.1: Adaptation to ATS 1.2 game version.
Fixed gamelog warnings.

David Corley (Trailers skins)
Solaris36 (Revised, reworked, cargos, pack & configuration)
Stewowe (Trailer model)

Modifications (by Solaris36):
Gathered all trailers skins in one mod.
New cargos.
Lowered prices (more realistic).
Added all trailers to a.i. traffic.
Added license plate light.
Added side blinkers lights.
Modified light mask.
Modified axis width.


Other works:

If U haven’t ATS V1.2, must download: USA Trailers Pack v1.0

David Corley, Solaris36, Stewowe


18 thoughts on “USA Trailers Pack V1.1

  1. I’ll stick with the USA Trailers Pack v1.0 David as i installed the beta then ran screaming into the road :) as my mod folder went Def Com 5 :)

    1. solaris36

      Hi Fidiuss.

      Install 1.1 if u see on 1.2 beta gamelog “obsolete atribute….”


      1. thanks for the heads up man its appreciated ……

  2. This mod will only allow one trailer in the game…..your only gonna see one… unless you fixed that problem I’ll pass…..sick of switching out scs’s for this model….put em all in ah pack ain’t fixing the problem

    1. solaris36

      I don’t understand you.
      U only see one? You test the mod? In trailer explorer u will see the trailer with 16 cargos and 16 different skins, and in the traffic u can see all the trailers at the same time.

      1. Yes I tested it and when I went into the trailer browser it actually crashed my sim and I’m NOT running the beta, so I’m gonna say this again, there is a problem with this trailer model were you can only put one copy of it in sim, you CANT run more than ONE of these trailers at one time so putting em all in a pack ain’t fixed jack shizt!

        1. solaris36

          I think you must read the comments on this:

        2. solaris36

          I read that you do not have the beta version? Then you do not have version 1.2 installed? If so it is not problem gambling or the version of the game or mod. It is problem of lack of brain and not read the first line of the description of the mod: ONLY WORKS IN VERSION 1.2 OF ATS !!!
          Stop wasting our time, please !!!

  3. solaris36

    That’s a basic rule of the game.
    Two identical mods installed Cause Error or loading with the highest priority will override the other.
    To get more of the same mods running must change the internal names of the models.

  4. This mod will not work right no matter WHAT version you use, your the one that needs to stop wasting peoples time and crashing peoples PC’s……..This mod WILL crash your sim….. it’s just ah matter of time……….YOU DRIVERS BEEN WARNED!!!! This ##### doesn’t know he’s talking to a designer of mods! #smdh

    1. Nice work solaris and thank you dude.
      Guys, This mod work perfectly !
      @Uncle_D , i think problem is your old PC !!!haha

  5. Matter fact why don’t YOU build a proper pack instead of taking somebody elses work since you think you know so much……..We’ll wait……..

    1. solaris36

      This mod seems to work perfectly for everyone except you ….

  6. I dont see these trailers in quick job

    1. solaris36

      Goosy try to sleep 1 or 2 times.

  7. Hey Solaris, I finally got to try out the new version of this pack. Works great, thanks!

  8. Antonio Carlos

    Não gostei dos preços reduzidos, já ganhamos tão pouco nos fretes, assim fica mais difícil.

  9. Please pleaseeeeeeeeee update to 1.37 version! Log is floded with errors and the trailers are not visible in-game! Tried several versions and all are giving the same errors

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