All Trailers Pack v.1.0.0 by Bricklayer


All Trailers Pack v.1.0.0 (CTS v.1.2.x) by Bricklayer
– All trailers are autonomous, not a substitute for anything.
– The economic model (transportation costs, distribution terminals, etc.) has not changed.
– The traffic is only a short trailers are added.
– On one long and one short trailer use the same skins.
– Total added new skins 40 pcs.
1. Added skins 40 pcs. (Converted skins of new GTS +) – [author of the envelope: Bricklayer]
2. Added 5 autonomous all-metal trailer – [by model: SCS, Bricklayer]
3. Added 5 autonomous all-metal long trailers – [by model: SCS, Bricklayer]
Maud will be constantly updated, follow the theme.
Test version
Author: SCS, Bricklayer
To convert GTS taken skins of my old stock, the authors do not know.

SCS, Bricklayer


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