11 thoughts on “AI Winterdienst Truck

  1. Matthıas

    absurd,Mercedes truck in America what relevance

  2. Seriously ?

    German Winterdienst in California and Nevada ?

  3. No, just no. You don’t see these things in the US.

    1. we have plow trucks here in new york :D except they’re not mercedes. usually MACK trucks

  4. That’s nonsense. Nothing else.

  5. because winters in california have tons of snow , hahaha

    this is not russia, this is just out of place :)

  6. Places that have snow, Plow trucks in the US look a bit different and much bigger.

  7. It’s a Zamboni.

  8. dude their is snow plows al over the place

  9. What he brushes his bucket? Desert and gerbils fallen under it) Even and mod for snow in the desert, you must do it!

  10. It bugs me when ETS 2 players bring their #### into ATS. Well, I dont have to download it. So why should it bug me anyway? :P

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