8 thoughts on “AI Renault Kangoo

  1. c’mon , euro cars in traffic . if u like euro vehicles , try …… Euro Truck sim

    1. Riipperino

      Dude , when there wasnt a American Truck Simulator but just eurotrucksim 2 there was loads of american trucks / trafficpacks.
      We didnt complain about that at all or we didnt say like dude those american rigs in europe ? try Rig n Roll , or try 18wos.
      People like you complaining about EU vehicles or trucks in ats are sickening me.
      Just take it or leave it !

  2. there was only 1 platform to play the game on then . if it sickens you that much , then just ignore it .

    1. Riipperino

      what are you talking about 1 platform ?
      In the time EurotruckSimulator 2 has been released till today there are always US trucks/traffic mods comming for it.
      Nobody complains about that , nobody says go play 18wos or rig &roll.
      The main thing is , people should be able to use any mod no matter what.
      But no you are comming here crying about a freaking EU car in ATS.
      So no im not gonna ignore that since a lot of you crying kids are crying a river.
      Maybe YOU should ignore the mods that you think wont fit in YOUR game.

      1. No, because you can drive American rigs in Britain that’s why, and have been able to since the 1970s, and in Europe, in real life, you know reality, that’s why they are in EuroTruckSim, because they are REALLY in Europe. But do they drive Renault trucks in America or MAN, DAF, etc, of course they ###### don’t, what don’t you understand about that?

        1. Riipperino

          You are even more ###### then the other guy.
          Okay wanna talk realism okay , US trucks in EU are in most countries banned.
          Because they are to big and to heavy.
          Also its still up to the people wich mods they wanna use.
          Even if you wanna drive a renault magnum or man euro 6 in ATS then please take my blessing and use it in the games you wanna use it.
          There is no rule for that , and guys like you picking on mods like these are just simply trolls or have autism because they cant resist NOT to complain on mods they dont like THEMSELFS.

        2. Pop Tart Mark

          There’s a bloke (and it’s not Chris Eubank either) lives just down the road from my Dad in Surrey who has a Kenworth W900 parked in his front garden. It gets driven regularly.

  3. NO NO NO NO NO NO! The last time we saw Renault in the US was the early 80’s with their atrocious “Le Car.” Please keep the ETS2 mods in ETS2. I’d complain about the trucks, but I understand wanting to drive a Scania on US roads… but AI Renault delivery cars…. just no.

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