9900 Harambe Skin

9900-harambe-2 9900-harambe-1 9900-harambe-3

This is a quick skin in dedication of Harambe rest his soul and to honor his memory i decided to make this skin and I have promised a number 2 that I would do this skin and here it is.(sorry for high MB I dont know how to lower it cause im a newbie at this enjoy the skin)

Brian the chicken nugget


9 thoughts on “9900 Harambe Skin

  1. CrumpleNuts72

    Who would want to use this skin. You just put a picture of a dead gorilla on the side of the sleeper.

  2. Dj Hanaway


  3. Brian the chicken nugget


  4. its sad to see people bash others for something ###### obviously they just started out skinning so give em a break we were all at that point once nough said.

  5. Havent done this in a while but, dicks out for Harambe

  6. and you uploaded the whole truck just for this skin lol

  7. You uploaded the entire truck. noob

  8. Brian the chicken nigget

    I all ready checked i didnt upload the entire truck and for those who say not enough effort was put on to it u r right i said in the description that it was a quick skin so if u cant read thats to bad

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