Yet Another Economy Mod


YAEM is hard economy mod for American Truck Simulator. Brings many changes to economy model and makes game much harder. If default economy is too easy – YAEM is for you.

Most important changes:
less experience for driving (0.3XP per 1KM)
less money for jobs (1.5$ per 1KM + bonuses) with own truck
More balanced but smaller bonuses from skills
Cheaper garages
Bigger but much harder to pay loans
2x more experience to get for new level
2x more experience for manual parking
More balanced penalties and more chance to get caught
Eco skill is now useful and important

And many, many other lesser changes.

With YAEM you want to manual park your trailer, you want to drive carefully, you want to be true trucker. Penalties are much more painful, payments much smaller, first own truck is a dream.

But remember – if you’re looking for realistic economy – YAEM is not what you’re looking for. It’s balanced, it’s hard, it’s much more realistic but not 100% real. ATS is still a game. :-)

Author: Reqruiz


2 thoughts on “Yet Another Economy Mod

  1. Reqruiz
    Please trailer with logs.

  2. RegularJohn53

    I like the title!

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