Wilson Hopper Trailer

Wilson-Hopper-2 Wilson-Hopper-1 Wilson-Hopper-3

Standalone trailer Wilson Trailer hopper

– Autonomous
– Established 15 agricultural goods
P. S. while not really dealt with the companies so sometimes the delivery are for example to repair roads or construction sites. Working on it.
Test on version 1.2.x

Authors: Jazzycat, mc40in


4 thoughts on “Wilson Hopper Trailer

  1. You just cut a trailer from Jazzycat`s trailer pack and reuploaded it,it must be taken down

  2. mc40in also uploaded the International Prostar truck on here, is he for real?

  3. JCR Gaming

    What are some of the goods it hauls because I cannot get a job with it. It does show up in traffic however so I know it is working.

  4. it+works+fine+for+me+except+that+the+trailer+lights+don’t+work

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