Wilson Grain Trailer Pinga 1.32

Mod Contains several options chassis, side chrome and painted will soon be added more option to leave more customized mods

My facebook group

if someone was in doubt or some problem with the mod please report to the group so that it can be corrected



7 thoughts on “Wilson Grain Trailer Pinga 1.32

  1. REVIEW:

  2. Can you buy this in the sim??

    1. Never mind, I can’t even download the #### thing! All I get is a big loop back to where I clicked Download.

  3. Only the chrome sides work for me, the paintable sides show up invisible.

  4. Still has the same issues the old version did with getting stuck when you try and jack the trailer. Almost like the 5th wheel is too far up into the trailer.

  5. 00:19:01.986 : [unit] The unit ‘trailer_def.woodpowder’ in file ‘/def/cargo/wood_powder/model_woodpowder.sii’ has type ‘trailer_def’, but the code expected ‘cargo_model_match’ type.
    00:19:01.986 : load_unit_tree() – Failed to load unit tree from file (/def/cargo/wood_powder/model_woodpowder.sii)
    00:19:01.986 : Failed to load cargo model matching descriptor: /def/cargo/wood_powder/model_woodpowder.sii

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