Western Star 5700XE Rework v7.5

Changelog v7.5
What has been done in the current version.
– The seats have been completely replaced with better ones.
– Added two more interiors (according to the brochure of course)
– Added pedals
– Improved all sounds
– Improved chrome parts
– Reduced size of bonnet mirrors
– Made standard rear mudguards
– Removed many unnecessary parts
– Navigators are now in the default place (in version 1.46 beta they do not work, but this will be fixed with the release of the full version of the game)
– Due to lack of time, I only worked on the large cockpit. For this reason, the day cab crashes, so I temporarily disabled it.

Authors: v.krankel/varter, Ben_Sherer, JamesKirk
Correction and Editing: Sherman


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  1. ATS – Western Star 5700XE (Rework v7.5 Update 1.45)

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