Western Star 5700XE Rework v1.5

Update 8 Feb
– Adjustments for Valentine Event
– Fixes locators for the cup holder and hood
– moved the brake pedal to the correct place

– Improved interiors for ’82 cabin according to brochure.
– Added items from DLS Toys for the cabinet.
– In the cabinet, you can change the microwave or TV, or remove them.
– Fixed steering wheel textures and their position.
– Added a rotate camera to the interior. Now you can relax on the bed!
– Added different side mirrors.
– Corrected the position of the brake pedal.
– Added IRL color scheme Black and White.
– The curtains in the sleeper have been replaced.



4 thoughts on “Western Star 5700XE Rework v1.5

  1. Manifest says this is version 1.4… fake?

    1. i think typo

  2. version?

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