WESTERN STAR 4900EX V0.5 1.43

Changelog v0.5
– All mirrors working and the inside/outside discrepancy fixed
– Dashboard brightness and the correct green color instead of white.
– Interior animations adjusted and corrected
– Shadows have been overhauled
– A number of missing or misplaced accessory slots have been fixed
– Stand-alone GPS that doesn’t rely on cabin accessories
– Less resource heavy marker lights alongside the existing LEDs.

Changelog v0.4
Fixed bugs

Changelog v0.3
Error correction
Added additional slots on the bumper
Added additional interior setup features

2 cabins
6 chassis
2 interior
Own sounds
Many tuning
Support DLC Cabin Accessories
Advanced coupling
Simulation cables

Installation: The downloaded file is copied to the mod folder and connect in the mods manager.

For the game version 1.43.x



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