Western Star 4900 EX v1.3 1.46

Mod Info:
- All mirrors working and the inside/outside discrepancy fixed
- Dashboard brightness and the correct green color instead of white.
- Interior animations adjusted and corrected
- Shadows have been overhauled
- A number of missing or misplaced accessory slots have been fixed
- By popular demand; a stand-alone GPS that doesn't rely on cabin accessories
- Less resource-heavy marker lights alongside the existing LEDs.
- A bunch of new skins, including Heritage Wings.
- Lights fixed (rear bumpers + new lights on the heavy bumper)
- Various oversize banners
- More bumper slots

Tested on ATS 1.46

Digital X - For solving a LOT of problems I could not, including animations, lighting, shadows and mirrors. YukonJack_AK - The 4900FA version I based this mod on Sib3rius (and Team) - The original 4900FA mod Kororuz - Window animations Kishadowalker - Permission to use an old version of the 4800SB series interior as a skeleton and the basis for the new interior. Galimim & Wilson212 - For engine and transmission DEFs Robinicus, Kreichbaum & Harven - Engine sounds HFG Guidot - Blender help SCS


2 thoughts on “Western Star 4900 EX v1.3 1.46


    1. Γιάννης

      Έκλαψα να ξέρεις!!!!!…λέω κάποιος θα του το πει δεν μπορεί!

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