6 thoughts on “Western star 4900 custom parts

  1. You still need to credit the original author all you did was ad parts to it, you it’s people like you that ruin the community for everyone else, credit him or take it off!!!!!!!

    1. take it easy dude… as the description says: “Western star 4900 “custom parts””, he is not taking credit for the truck mod, JUST for the custom parts he made… he only have to quote that mod is made by RTA guys…

      1. I’ll have you know, this Western Star was NOT done by RTA. This was done by me. While I may not agree with the colored bumper or the fenders as it takes away from this truck’s true purpose, the credits are correct since it’s only their parts. Even then I’m sure that they didn’t make the bumper or fenders all by themselves.

        1. therealslimshady

          yes i did Robert I’m just as skilled as you are

        2. im sorry dude, my mistake… didnt know you made that masterpiece. Thanks for all your great work. Cheers

        3. Westbound 532

          Where do I find the actual 4900 mod?

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