Weight Station Notification



This MOD increases the distance for weight station notification .
Before it was about half a mile from the station this will increase so you have time to stop.

Mod requested by Jeff Favignano.

Mod compatible with the latest version of American Truck Simulator.


Credits :
(Basic File) : SCS Software
(Edited) : therealone
(Requested by) : Jeff Favignano

If you have any problems with the mod post a comment below .

Happy Trucking !!

Authors: scs, therealone, Jeff Favignano


8 thoughts on “Weight Station Notification

  1. James Lyle

    This is a very helpful mod, thank you, and I guess both me and you are fans of Jeff Favignano and CZGA

    1. Thank you !!! Yeah gotta love CZG

  2. hello ave new idea mods Request for you is Auto SaveNotification is Off is for american Truck simulator

    1. Can you please be more specific ?

  3. Great idea, Jeff … Keep up the wonderful videos buddy!
    Now, if they can do something with those gas stations. It is almost impossible to turn left into those gas stations from the proper entrance. I have damaged my truck (Freightliner mod) and also the 53 ft. trailers trying to get up to the fuel island. Maybe it would help if the refueling (green icon) was moved to the second lane from the street.

    1. Thanks for checking out my mod . As for the gas station goes I will look into that .

    2. D.Sobczak

      Until something comes out to make it easier, you can always detach your trailer somewhere and then get gas. I usually just drop it right on the road and block traffic, why should I be the only one inconvenienced.

  4. Ian Allaway

    please update for 1.40

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