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Walk About Camera

Date 2016-02-24 10:24


Walk about camera for ATS.
Support all default SCS trucks.
You can go to sleep, looking in right window and go to check your trailer.

And now you can see SCS truck optimisation :D

Author: Piva

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Comments (22)

22 Responses to Walk About Camera

  1. thank you …Piva

  2. mpq

    Thanks, this is exactly what was missing. Dear SCS you really so hard to do the same? From year to year the same thing. One question is whether you can make the camera at head height so you can walk freely, and still it would remain at the same altitude? (I do not mean the usual free camera.)

    • I don’t understand what you mean about “camera at head height so you can walk freely”

      • mpq

        I mean something like a free camera, but which will have a constant height of 1.8 meters for example, to be able to freely move away from the truck, because it is difficult to hold a free chamber at the same height it is well suited only to fly

        • different trialer lenght can’t do it. and this camera is not free, you walk around way wirited in interior_camera defines. so I don’t know how to do this.

  3. Brian

    Thanks man i really wanted to do this

  4. martin

    how to enable that?

  5. Tom

    Awesome work!

    Now if only SCS wouldn’t have been too lazy to make the doors openable…

  6. Trucker_bob

    nice work!

  7. Heiko

    Very nice Mod, but for me it doesn´t work. If I go into the sleeping cabin, the left side ist complete open. Not just a little Window, the complete left Wall is missing.

  8. Same here as Heiko.
    The whole left side of the back of the truck is missing (Kenworth W900).

  9. what do you press to use it?

  10. tifo007

    Is it possible to go online whit this mod?

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