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Volvo XC90 T8 2018 v 1.3

Date 2019-02-07 20:14

→ 4 Cabin.|(Plastic & Cream,Plastic+GPS+Sun Roof & Cream+GPS+Sun Roof)
→ 1 Chasis.
→ 2 Engine Option.|(Volvo Twin Engine & Skoda)
→ 1 Gearbox.
→ 4 Plate.
→ 1 Rim & Whell.|(Volvo Original)
→ All Colors working.
→ Lightmask working.

Game Features;
→ Works at 1.33.|(Work in 1.32. Lower Versions Not tested.)
→ Showing in all galleries.
→ Better physics

Information for People!
→ Not Edıt.
→ Not Reupload.
→ Not Change Link.

MerTR, VakkoTeam, Jorgent97


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10 Responses to Volvo XC90 T8 2018 v 1.3

  1. Fred

    It has some miscoloring on the side. https://i.imgur.com/zSqEi6V.jpg

  2. Fred

    And the brakes are bad, car doesn’t stop fast.

  3. Fred

    and car beeps sometimes because of low air brake pressure as if it’s a truck lol

  4. Fred

    game stutters a lot and fps drops often to below 40, but it could be a problem from ATS

  5. Fred

    ye game stutters even when gpu load is low, and it doesnt stutter with stock trucks, only with your mod.

  6. Fred

    Right-turn blinker light symbol doesn’t show on dashboard, only left -turn. And looking when outside at the back of the car, when activating left turn, two red lights blink at the rear sides of the car but no yellow light and when activating right turn no lights blink at the back. The only lamps that blink properly are the yellow one’s on the bottom of the side mirrors.

  7. Fred

    I don’t know where my last comment went about the interior, but i wrote that i don’t like the chrome interior (except on steering wheel, radio/AC-buttons, around air-vents), it doesn’t reflect the inside of the car, it reflects the outside which makes it look weird and disturbing on a sunny day. It might also be the cause of stuttering in the game.

  8. Fred

    The car actually worked good in the beginning (including left/right blinkers on dashboard; didn’t check the rear blinkers from outside so don’t know about them) but it becomes worse by time, now the windows and wheels and interior became black except the chromed parts. Gonna try and re-download your file:


  9. Fred

    Oh it stutters with a volvo truck too, it’s not your mod’s fault.

  10. Fred

    You can make low reflective aluminum instead of chrome on those parts i disliked in my comment above (for example the front passenger’s wardrobe-door has a thin long chrome line which reflects the outside and it’s disturbing).

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