Volvo VNR v 1.18 for ATS 1.35.x

I have updated the Volvo VNR by Franck Peru in order to get rid of as many Errors/warnings as I can.
Update for open beta 1.35

Added collision box for spoilers
Added collision box for main mirrors
Added collision box for hood mirrors
Added collision boxes for bullbars
Updated startup animation
Improved the logo on the steering wheel
Added Realistic Headlight Beam Pattern by hastantyo
Fix for patch 1.35

Franck Peru,galimim


3 thoughts on “Volvo VNR v 1.18 for ATS 1.35.x

  1. 00:09:23.849 : [fs] Failed to open file ‘/def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnr/transmission/fro18210c_34.sii’ in the read_only mode.
    00:09:23.849 : load_unit() – Failed to open file (/def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnr/transmission/fro18210c_34.sii)
    00:09:23.849 : Missing accessory data /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnr/transmission/fro18210c_34.sii
    00:09:23.849 : Missing accessory data /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnr/transmission/fro18210c_34.sii
    00:09:23.850 : Transmission accessory is missing!

  2. please let us work in version 1.34

  3. There is something weird happening in the right mirror. It wont update instantly. Sadly this is game breaking. And why the engine sounds of the interior are missing?

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