Volvo VNR 2018

Volvo VNR 2018

To work it is necessary to have this mod installed:

For 1.28 ATS version
Tested in 1.29 Open BETA

Good Trip



27 thoughts on “Volvo VNR 2018

  1. nice outside model, still need some work… a proper engine sound, own wheels, the dash and cluster despite looks similar than the fh series are not the same in both models. thanks for posting!

  2. Very nice VNR! love the new nose on this generation volvo’s. You can see the amount of work that has been put in the nose of this mod!

    Thanks for sharing this truck with the community and i really hope further updates will come! (And a better dash haha :D)

    Greetings from Holland

  3. It doesn’t work with WOTR jobs.

  4. Kenseth Lim

    Very pretty VNR!!! Please make it for ETS2!

  5. Очень сырая модель,требует много доработок.

    1. да я согласен с тобой

  6. неспорно, но это лучшая модель VOLVO для ATS!!!


    why the templates are inside the archive?

  8. Harald-RS


  9. This truck mod ain’t worth downloading! Basically NO options for upgrades to the Truck & it makes my Game “LAG a little” Needs upgrades before I’ll use it, Done Deleted It!!!!

    1. @RSG Seriously you have no idea how much work it is to create a truck or map for such a game. You should be glad that the author shared a first version, so people can at least experience the new exterior.

      Because of people like you authors do no longer publish their work. Really hate to read comments like this …

      1. Harald-RS

        I totally agree with you.

        That’s why I no longer make mods available

  10. This link has already been discharged

  11. Where are the templates at, if there are any? The truck looks great and thanks for including a daycab.

    1. Harald-RS

      The Template are in the archiv under /vehicle/truck/templates

      1. Where is that located?

  12. The+file+you+are+trying+to+download+is+no+longer+available.

  13. Zeke Atkins

    Can you please put the link back up?

  14. DriverStein

    Video with this amazing truck:

  15. link failed

  16. the f*uck is this??? post a #### link to it, #### bastards

  17. spanish: LINK CAIDO
    english: dropped link

  18. Serdar, the link is working. Is the Volvo VNR 2018 compatible with update 1.30?

  19. Stephen Butler


    I do appreciate the amount of work that has been spent on this potentially amazing mod. I say ‘potentially,’ because I have yet to get the thing to work. I have tried placing it every which way in the mod manager, above the FH16 mod, below it, beside it, inside it, and I’ve even thought of finding it a companion in case it is lonely. Either way, I can’t get the #### thing to work. Can anyone provide the exact specifications where the two mods should sit together in perfect harmony, so that I can at least try this mod out and exclaim the wonder of the work that has gone into it?


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