Volvo VNL/VNR Sound Mod

I release my Volvo FH sound mod which is made of the basis sound of the Renault Premium, Renault and Volvo using the same engines and the sound is a little different but most of the people don’t hear the differents, so this mod contains one Volvo engine sound, please do not ask for a D13 or something, it’s a waste of time for me to make a sound which is almost compare to each other.

I made this sound compatible for the VNL with other soundfiles like a different parking brake and horn sounds and so on, basic sound is made by Kriechbaum but I reworked the to a real life sounded Volvo.

please keep the original link because my sound mod have always a dropbox link.

Leen & Kriechbaum


4 thoughts on “Volvo VNL/VNR Sound Mod

  1. REVIEW:

  2. engine and other sounds are on point nice……those horns are pitiful dough….good thing I don’t blow the horns much! SMDH!

  3. nice but most importantly how did you get those bi train trailers to work in v 1.33

  4. Fix to version 1.35.1.x.x?

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