Mod truck Volvo VNL for the ATS version 1.5x
there is tuning, was at the dealership Volvo.
Trak supports the painting and the color of the metallic support for an advanced hitch.
new in update:
– added new cabin [730]
– more tuning options
– fixed buggs & errors

author: Bora, SCS initially, envelope in ATS: chashkin23, il_86 tuning and refinement of the model: Andrew Chashkin. (chashkin23) sounds: Kriechbaum, odd_fellow, SCS onboard computer: piva


8 thoughts on “VOLVO VNL TRUCK SHOP v1.2

  1. USASimulator

    Very Good!!!

  2. Rauny Rodrigues

    Put in the workshop please!

  3. 780 not 780hp?i can’t find it@@i want 780hp@_@

  4. Nascar_Perry

    I love it. The 630 is exactly like the one I drive in real life and looks perfect the interior is a bit off but that’s an exception compared to the outside.

    One thing that’s missing the ability to paint the spoiler. Everyplace I’ve tried to put a logo that I think is the spoiler is not actually the spoiler or roof faring.

  5. firefighter1225

    It be nice if there was an update to this mod that was compatible with the game version

  6. Please Change the Steering to 900 Degrees not 1800! For a g27 steering wheel which I have, its hard to drive, because they don’t match up with the same degrees of turning! Please Fix it

  7. Yes 900 degree steering please!!!!

  8. I don’t if anyone noticed but there is a glitch. It involves the mirror that is attached to the hood of the truck. The left mirror shows the exact same image as the right one. Also, the wheels are half covered in shadow on both sides. Overall the mod is great.

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