Volvo VNL Truck Models for ATS Versions
There is a tuning, it is registered in the dealer Volvo.
The trailer supports painting and metallic color, support for an advanced coupling.
Also, a dashboard with a speedometer in miles is a separate mod. (Connect above the main mod)

Update 1.2.1

– Added skins support for all cab options
– fixed bugs (no fixes are needed, which were earlier)
– do not need mod devices in the miles
– all the templates inside the archive with the mod

Test in 1.5, work in 1.6

author: BigBob, SCS initially, the envelope in ATS: chashkin23, il_86 tuning and refinement of the model: Andrew Chashkin. (chashkin23) sounds: Kriechbaum, odd_fellow, SCS onboard computer: piva


8 thoughts on “VOLVO VNL TRUCK SHOP v1.2.1

  1. GhostDesign

    Nice mod but….

    The Steering Degree is doubled, 1800 is WAY to much, try 900 next Time because this is the Standard.
    The Speedo is in Kph with only little yellow Mph Scales that are to small to read (on a triple Monitor setting)
    No nice Paintjobs
    No nice Addons

    I guess i´ll wait till Aradeth´s update is coming.

    1. The question is: will aradeth update his truck ? Aradeth is not online (at steam) more than 80 days. His mod is last updated at December 15, 2016.

  2. How do I get the skins to work?

  3. David A King

    All 3 trucks look exactly the same when they should not

  4. Nice idea. But: The trucks looking to much as one and the same. The windows have much reflections. The gps is too much glare. The bumpers must have a better look. The truck(s) needs more accessoires and points. There are too less engines and enginesounds. And I must say: Aradeth’s truck is looking better! You have so much things to do for the next update!

  5. SimulatorLover00

    The Volvo Dealer is not in the list of dealers only the standard Kenworth & Peterbilt. btw the mod is activated pls help ??

  6. Video: ATS MODS: VOLVO VNL TRUCK SHOP v1.2.1 (American Truck Simulator)

  7. Nice mod. Please remove windshield reflections in cabin view. Also shadows at the bottom of the tires is not right.

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