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Date 2018-04-22 23:48

Mod truck Volvo VNL for the ATS version 1.31x
there is tuning, was at the dealership Volvo.
Trak supports the painting and the color of the metallic support for an advanced hitch.
Support DLC Steering Creations Pack
Support Trailer Cables
buying in VOLVO Dealership in next cities: Las Vegas, San Francisco & Tucson.



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14 Responses to VOLVO VNL TRUCK SHOP V. 1.31x

  1. Many error’s & with one tuning part game shut down.
    Must rework it before uploading ;)

  2. Florin

    The Volvo dealer can be found in the following cities:
    – San Francisco (CA);
    – Tucson (AZ);
    – Las Vegas (NV);
    – Farmington (NM);

  3. jesan

    This mod is dependant on the Steering Wheels DLC.
    Purchasing the DLC removes most of the error lines excepted the one related to texture_occlusion “clim_7378.mat”.The truck is a bit high poly but I like it a lot.

  4. Chow says.

    The Volvo dealer can be found in the following cities:
    Edmonton, Alberta British
    Farmington, New Mexico.
    Hawaii, Honolulu
    Las Vegas, Nevada and Tucson ,Arizona.

  5. Marquese Williams

    For sum weird reason whenever im driving and pause the game the game always seems to crash , I removed all mods and just left the truck on there and it still crashes , any idea?

  6. Please steam workshop

  7. Jaymen

    This mod overwrites the stock cablights. Plz fix

  8. pohldriver624

    The truck would be better if the poly count was lower. It would be easier on most peoples PCs too.

  9. Nascar_Perry

    The issue with your mod is the polycount around the headlights. Headlights off the truck runs decently but once you turn the headlights on then the framerates drop right to the floor. Headlights need to be fixed before I can use this mod

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