Mod truck Volvo VNL for the ATS version
there is tuning, spelled out in the cabin of a Volvo.
Trak supports the painting and the color of the metallic support for an advanced hitch.
also the mod is tidy with a speedometer in miles. (plug above the main mod)

New update:
– mod Volvo trucks for the game American Truck Simulator patch 1.6
in mod to the already existing added new options of cabs and chassis (300/430/880)
– completely redesigned options salons for old cabins
– added new versions of the salons for new cabins
– added tuning
– fixed bugs previous version
– also removed some tuning and options salons in Suite execution (the next update will restore them)

Test version: 1.6 x

chashkin23, il_86


15 thoughts on “VOLVO VNL TRUCK SHOP [1.6.x]

  1. Somehow there is no dashboard computer since this update. Is there a fix or is this by purpase?

    1. There’s a dashboard computer by Piva on the SCS forums, and one on the Steam Workshop. Try those.

      1. I tried those already but the screen for the computer stays black for some reason.

        1. Do you have mexico map?? if you have you must disable this map because , for some reasons this map colide with this truck, i had the same problem, but if i disable the mexico map dashboard computer works again :/

  2. Very Nice Truck!
    chashkin23, il_86 – there are not big bugs, but Do not stop working, do updates

    Interior – Best of all vnl for ats!

  3. it my favorit only more tunig and this truck be better but please try that pression air work all the truck pression air not work. Good job continu and thx

  4. KontiovaaranJuhani

    This is very nice mod. but can you make steering creations pack support and little bit rework the engine sounds. like cummins and volvo.


    Advanced Coupling?

    Diff lock with button on dash?

    Working air and temp gauges ?

    1. FRANK_WOT

      Tested truck myself. Works great.

      Advanced coupling works, Diff lock with animated button on dash works, trailer lift axle button on dash as well.

      Looking forward to the updates.

      Thanks for this mod.

  6. can you update this mod, i have no problema driving it, but i do have a problema like as soon i jump in to the map or garage it lags the game and some times my game just stops working so i have to start over if im doing a load that is mor than 1000 miles

  7. Will you make a short chassis for VNL 300 daycab? Awesome truck btw

  8. good mod

  9. can u put this on the steam workshop

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