Volvo VNL Globetrotter (2019) ATS 1.31.x

Its interior.
Their sounds.
Support DLC Cabin.
For game version 1.31 – 1.32 ATS and ETS2.
Authors: scs, frank_peru, yekko-yek

frank_peru, yekko-yek


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16 thoughts on “Volvo VNL Globetrotter (2019) ATS 1.31.x

  1. Why is the sleeper cab from the red volvo different to the original?

  2. I’m trying to skin this truck in ets2 studio. I get an error. I tried opening the scs file with win rar/7zip with no success. It seems the file (VOLVO_VNL_2019_TRUCK.scs) is password locked. All I want to do is skin this truck. I’ve even tried scs unlocker and that didn’t work. I scoured the scs forums and I hear about D.A.R.T but I can’t find that one anywhere. I hope the author reads this and can give me something or point me somewhere so I can skin this truck.

    1. In the original d/l on Franck’s blog, there’s a VOLVO_VNL_2019_PAINTJOB.scs file included in the mod. It also contains templates.

    2. Mr. Tannill

      I make it simple – find a mod with paintjobs for truck, open .dds texture in Photoshop, doing what I need, put it back to archive and using like any another modes =)

  3. Great truck, however the when looking from the inside thru the windshield the colors are very overexposed. Can this be fixed?

  4. great truck man keep up the good work

  5. MS Edits_YT

    Very detailed modelling and awesome support for tuning parts, but how do I access the Truck ? I even configured it in the Truck Browser, which obviously mean that it has been pickep up by the sim…but it won’t show up in the dealers … can anybody help ?

    Version :

    1. MT Motors

      Drive to the Truck Dealer in San Francisco, you can buy the truck there

    2. MT MOTORS 1001

      Theres a Volvo Dealer in San Francisco that comes with the mod. You can buy the truck there

      1. MS Edits_YT

        Thanks a lot ! :)

  6. I downloaded it for ATS beta 1.32 but the moment i go to the truckdealer and try to open it ATS crashes does anybody know why

  7. Ditto James

    Is there anyway to get the GPS on the dash? Using the popup box doesn’t make for a realistic experience. Thanks!

  8. On both 1.31 and 1.32 opening this truck in the browser or going to any dealership causes my game to freeze and crash

  9. Nice truck but FPS dropping

  10. TODGaming

    Why Does It Instantly Crash When I go To DealershipI Wanna Drive This Truck So Bad

  11. Frank_164

    When will the Mod be updated to 1.35? Wonderful mod the 2018 is good to i like the 2019 better

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