Volvo VNL 780 v 1.0b

Volvo-VNL-780-1 Volvo-VNL-780-2 Volvo-VNL-780-3

Good points:
Volvo D13 and D16 engines with their respective sounds
Eaton fullers transmission and I shift 12 speed
No major errors

Bad points:
No acessories
No paintjobs
not available for fast job and for truck showroom

You can report any error commenting!!!

Have fun, Greetings from Brazil!

Big Bob – model
AU44 – Interior and conversion to ETS 2
Piva – Display
kuba141 – Dashboard texture
Sounds – SCS
Converted to ATS by Nado


9 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 780 v 1.0b

  1. I think i can fix the accessories part for you, gonna try it now

  2. Truck Sim Mods

    V_i_d_e_o HD 1080p: + Trailers Skin – Pack
    Tested on version 1.0.0s

  3. Marcel1801

    It doesn’t show up for me, the truck isn’t in the dealers findable

  4. good truck

  5. Для тех кому не нравиться ,что салон раскачивается отдельно он трака ,нужно :
    Изменить файл “l2h3_vnl.sii” по пути def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl780/cabine/l2h3_vnl.sii
    А именно добавить в него строчку “suspension: false” после строки “look: default”

  6. Not showing at the truck dealers. :(

  7. how do i download it and install I’m using an iMac

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