Volvo VNL 780 Reworked +Edit Skin v2.2 ATS


Updated for version 1.24.x
Not replaced. Buy Volvo dealers
New improvements and sounds

Author Reworked by Malcom37
Author Base model by AU44
Author Improvements and Sounds by Kriechbaum
Author Updated for version 1.21.x by ETS2Reload
Author Edição e Atualização para 1.24x by FrankBrasil

Big Bob, AU44, rus47tam, FrankBrasil, modernization vovangt4,ohaha,SCS,Aradeth
Creditos Conversão para ATS FrankBrasil | Equipe Etspx

Rewrote the dealership Volvo
Rewrote independent chamber (to avoid conflict with Volvo VNL 670 and VT880)
Rewrote board computer under version 1.3x and in order to avoid conflict with VNL670

For proper operation of the Volvo VNL 780 should be above VNL 670 Mod Manager
Tested version 1.3x

Be sure to evaluate our work that helps us and editing new mod


Autor das alteração e convesão: FrankBrasil | Equipe ETSPX
Não deixe de avalia nosso trabalho isto nos ajuda e muito a editar novos mod

By Frank Brasil

DOWNLOAD 602 MB [Steam]

12 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 780 Reworked +Edit Skin v2.2 ATS

  1. igor555007

    какая то шляпа с покраской все скины квадратиками

    1. muito bom gostei

  2. too lag

  3. The Mod Sucks All the Paint Jobs are all Templates

  4. Не работает! Ее по просту нету и все!!! Что это за херня то такая?! Версия 1.3. все как положено,на хуя такой шлак выкладывать…

  5. This was really screwed up in my sim…….reworked my ###…..this mod is really phucked up!!!!

  6. the skins are a mess fix that

  7. Very bad plagiarism of Aradeth`s 780 VNL. Why does almost perfection turns into a ###### parody without style and sense? Looks like a real Moder must legally protect your copyrights of such assaults. Aradeth, accept my sincere condolences, my friend, because I was sick when I see such a shambles, but I can imagine how you, that you put the effort and time and knowledge and their mode given that the benefits of free and ignoramuses and dilettantes do this stuff . Really sad, sad for them, because this act they only lose, and you only once you confirmed as a real programmer and blue. I just said even call Moder such as GT-Mike, Vladimir 1203 and others like them, they do not make up some so-called friends of the firm (Kenworth and others) to justify their deviations in the modes and that flaw blind business and let them work what they know and do not let other people’s good processing modes and make them ill.

  8. 602mb??? #### :o…

  9. Brandon Hairston

    @BigBob,@AU44,@rus47tam,@FrankBrasil hey what did you use to create this mod how do you do it

  10. can we get a day cab Volvo?

  11. Why doesn’t doesn’t this truck have the option for the 670 dash? Everything else in in kilometers.

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