Volvo VNL 2018 ATS 1.32.X

– Standalone.
– 3 cabins
– There is a choice of chassis
– Your own interior
– Own sound
– Paint
– Wheels
– Tuning
– Cable Support

Test for version 1.32.x

galimim, scs, franck_peru, yekkoyek


10 thoughts on “Volvo VNL 2018 ATS 1.32.X

  1. gracias

  2. It doesn’t appear on quickjob. Anyway to fix it?

  3. excellent work, great modeling and animations

  4. Anyone know where I can find skins for this?

    1. Try the ATS Steam workshop, I see skins for this thing all over the place in there…

  5. Zachary Deck


    1. There’s a zip file in this zip. Just put that inside your mods folder.. doesn’t have to be .scs

      1. When I activate all the zips from the mod, it will not show at the dealers. Can you help me?

  6. It’s actually pretty bad. Don’t get me wrong its a good model, but when you go into cab view, the light is overexposed. Please fix this problem so i don’t have to deal with lag. Also i suggest you add more options to the truck. Ex: “I don’t want the hood mirrors”, or “I don’t want so much chrome on my truck”. Simple things like that could easily be changed.

  7. Too many things don’t work like the beacon, no GPS, no computer… unistalled !!

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