Volvo D16K Engines for T680 & 579


We all agree, that the engines of the T680 & 579 could be better.
There are already several tuners out there, who could convert our lovely trucks to rockets. But i dont want travel to space.

So i thought by me there must be a fitting engine from another truck that could fit.
The Volvo FH has a R6 nearly in the same size. So i proudly present you this nice Mod.

This brings you a D16K750 Euro 6 Engine for your Kenny and Pete.
It has 750 HP and a torque of 2618 ft lb or 3550 Nm.
This make your Truck runnin without flying to the moon.

Look at that Picture. I had a trailer with 19 tonnes and reached 91 mph!
BUT this is not the reason for this engines. Its the easier climbing.
Now its no problem to climb hills or stop and drive on at ramps etc.

So have fun with your Swap Engine and have a nice truckin



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