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Volvo 670 Fantasy Skin

Date 2016-03-16 16:22


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Author: Aasguard (Dave)


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5 Responses to Volvo 670 Fantasy Skin

  1. Please keep original link and credits.

  2. CorpseGrinder

    What the fuck? This is not fantasy,this is lust,and there are other things related to fantasy except for this fucking bitch!

  3. dude seriously if you don’t like the skin don’t download it or look at it! And if you don’t like it don’t open your big troll mouth and run down other peoples work it just shows what a troll you truly are, now go crawl back under your bridge and stay there as you are starting to stink up the place!!!!!

  4. Arthevil

    This is one of the Luis Royo pictures, i love it and him.
    Once i saw his picture on real truck it looks amazing, Looking forward for more skins with his awesome graphics. :)

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