Viva Mexico Map v 2.4.4 (ATS 1.31.x)

Changelog 2.4.4
-Adapted to 1.31.x version
-Fixed bugs
-Improved performance
-Several reconstructed routes in Durango
-Added the state of Zacatecas, visit now!

Viva Mexico Map is an expansion of the base map to the Mexican Republic. The original, developed by Hugoces, Eblem Torres and Raul Martinez including the states of Baja California (both), Sonora, Sinaloa, Durango and Zacatecas. Trucking in Mexico is never as straight forward as in the US. Experience windy and dangerous roads, questionable conditions, road blocks, speed bumps and the ever satisfying beauty of the Mexican landscape, all from the comfort of your home.

Map location in the manager:
México Extremo 2.0A
Viva México 2.4.4

The map is compatible with all map mods including CanaDream and Coast2Coast in the actual version (1.31.x).

Requires DLC New Mexico


Hugoces, Eblem Torres, Raul Martinez

DOWNLOAD 408 MB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 163 MB Part 2

5 thoughts on “Viva Mexico Map v 2.4.4 (ATS 1.31.x)

  1. Promod of ATS.. Great work. keep it up the good work

  2. file+not+found+on+sharemod,+please+fix+:(

  3. I tried downloading the first one but no file found. We wanna get this great map so please reupload it.

  4. Mr. Tannill

    Find 408 MB Part 1 from Your side, can’t find Parts 2 and 3. Maybe that is why have some bags and game crash when came in towns.

  5. As of today- 10/13/18 – there are no files to download.

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