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Viva Mexico Map v 2.4.3 [1.30.x]

Date 2018-02-27 17:01

Version 2.4.3:
* New Cities
* New Roads
* Reworked Textures

hugoces, eblem, Franck Peru, MAGO, CyrusTheVirus, Solaris36, JazzyCat, Ricardo Arango, Erik Samdeb, Jose Trucking, Jared Castillo and DaModza Customs


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5 Responses to Viva Mexico Map v 2.4.3 [1.30.x]

  1. Jean POPINEAU

    Should we put all the files in the game, even if we do not have canada and coast to coast.
    What is the order of the files?
    thank you very much

  2. jaiver ruge

    I out correctly the mods but when I go to the Map to look for a cargo, the game crash. WHy ? correct please. Thanks

  3. Md.Irfan Ahmed


  4. Chris

    I got this working after a while. It seems you need canadream and coast2coast map enabled with it to work.

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