Utility 3000R Prime Inc v 2.0

Single trailer edit of the Utility 3000R trailer pack to have a fully detailed PRIME Inc skin.
Compatible with ATS v1.6
Smarty’s wheel pack made optional on this update. (files are included to add to Smarty’s wheel pack so you can use those wheels.)
Fixed a small error in a mat file by a game process that required vehicle_reflection in that mat.

Charles (for the edit), Alan, Anthony, Bayonet, Bora


8 thoughts on “Utility 3000R Prime Inc v 2.0

  1. Do the super singles come with this download?

    1. The files for them are in a folder that you drop into Smarty’s Wheel Pack.

      1. can you reupload the file

  2. Aventador

    in third picture trailer looks strange this is not a bug?

  3. The File is down, could you please reupload it? Thank you!

  4. Could you help me make a skin for this? After I replace one it does weird colors all over it

  5. hola buenas tardes bueno

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